As part of a comprehensive service and giving the elements of the appropriate aesthetics made by us, we provide services slide glass , sandblasting , polishing and anodizing (at the customer’s request, we deliver the elements made by us to anodizing to a friend company)


Sandblasting is the process of cleaning components made of stainless steel or other metals with sand or żwirek, in a compressed air stream. The sandblasting effect is similar to grinding and gives the appropriate roughness needed for further processing (e.g. painting or galvanizing)


Beadblasting is a process similar to sandblasting, but instead of sharp abrasive, glass micro balls are used. This makes the surface non-jagged but smooth. The most damaged surfaces regain their desired appearance and uniform color. the surface becomes dull, satiny. Beadblasting is especially recommended for stainless steels, acid-proof and aluminium.


Polishing is the finishing process, which aims to give proper smoothness and gloss of metal. Polishing are made using felt discs as well as past polishing.


It is an electrochemical process aimed at protection of the metal surface against corrosion and mechanical damage. At the client’s request, we deliver the elements made by us to anodizing to a friendly company.