POL-KOR has been operating continuously since 1996 year.
Our specialist team of engineers uses over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high quality components. We have the experience and the skills that enable to deliver precision machined parts of the highest quality.


Turning and milling

Machining Services We use conventional and numerically controlled CNC machines. We process such materials as: stainless steel, higher hardness steel, tool steel, stainless steel, aluminum. We Realize Serial Productions, as well as single individual orders.

Examples of realizations

Bending and cutting

We offer bending and cutting of structural steel, stainless and aluminum pipes, according to design or technical documentation.

Examples of realizations

Metal Drilling and tapping

We offer metric, inch and trapezoidal threads.

Grinding of shafts and holes

For machining work we offer the grinding of rollers, planes and openings.

Welding services

We offer high-quality welding services, including the most effective methods – MIG, MAGand TIG. We mainly weld stainless steel (balustrades, handrails, chemical and food industries, furniture and decorative accessories), as well as aluminum.

We carry out orders on the basis of technical drawings sent to us or we prepare them on our own at the client’s request.

Welding services performed in our company are a guarantee of quality and durability.

Manufacture of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders

  • Round
  • Single action
  • Dual Action
  • Magnetic
  • Non-magnetic
  • With single piston rod
  • With two-sided piston rod

Hydraulic cylinders

  • Single-Acting piston
  • Double Acting piston

At the customer’s request all cylinders can be made of stainless steel, resistant to higher temperatures and resistant to chemicals.

Accessories for boats and yachts

We offer stainless steel and aluminium fittings for yachts and motor boats.

We produce accessories such as ladders, rails, hinges, pantographs, dumplings, rail posts, aft baskets, chainsaws and more.

We also make unusual fittings, to individual order.

Bathroom handles

We produce stainless steel bathroom handles for people with disabilities. We make handles:

  • Straight
  • Angular
  • Reclining
  • for sinks
  • Freestanding
  • for shower


We make handrails, railings and railings – external and internal: balcony, mezzanine, for terrace, stairs and separation. The possibilities for making different patterns are endless. We carry out projects presented by our clients or after measurement we present our proposal.

The balustrades are made of the highest quality polished or satin stainless steel. The use of stainless steel guarantees cheap and easy-to-maintain balustrades, which are characterized by high resistance to external weather agents.

Service and repair of furniture and food industry machines

We offer precise solutions to improve machine efficiency .

We remove mechanical faults, repair pneumatic and hydraulic system.

We also offer manufacture and regeneration of spare parts.


As part of the comprehensive service and the application of the elements made by us suitable aesthetics we perform services beadblasting, sandblasting, polishing as well as anodizing.

We can get the manufactured components anodized if required.

It is a electrochemical process designed to protect the metal surface from corrosion and mechanical damage.


Sandblasting is the process of cleaning components made of stainless steel or other metals with sand or żwirek, in a compressed air stream. The sandblasting effect is similar to grinding and gives the appropriate roughness needed for further processing (e.g. painting or galvanizing)


Beadblasting is a process similar to sandblasting, but instead of sharp abrasive, glass micro balls are used. This makes the surface non-jagged but smooth. The most damaged surfaces regain their desired appearance and uniform color. the surface becomes dull, satiny. Beadblasting is especially recommended for stainless steels, acid-proof and aluminium.


Polishing is the finishing process, which aims to give proper smoothness and gloss of metal. Polishing are made using felt discs as well as past polishing.